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Entrepreneurs Institute’s training programs will take you through every step of business growth from launching your first business to managing and investing in multiple businesses. The key curriculum is built on mastering:

Who are you?
Where are you now?
Where are you going?
And, How will you get there?

At the heart of Entrepreneurs Institute is Entrepreneur Dynamics, created by Roger James Hamilton, and is a full training series to grow from startup to global corporation using world-leading tools including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Impact Dynamics together with the Purpose, Passion, and Genius Tests. The tools also include Roger’s educational titles such as the New York Times Bestselling book, The Millionaire Masterplan

As Albert Einstein said,

“Everyone’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.”

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In a world of information overload, you don’t need more information. You need clear direction: How to follow the best next step for you right now. That begins by knowing your personal, natural path.

Our assessments are the most widely used by entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world to find their natural path and the best fit for their team members. This gives you a personalised strategy of what to do, and when to do it, that’s natural to you. It allows you to get in sync with the cycle of your team, business and industry. It allows you to follow the right role models and build the right team.

Our most popular assessments

These assessments have been used by over 1.4 million students globally. Click on an assessment to take the test now

A Brief History

Entrepreneurs Institute was founded in 2002 by Roger James Hamilton, a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, under the Wealth Dynamics banner to help entrepreneurs get inspired and to find their flow. It grew into a global multimillion dollar company with hundreds of thousands of students globally and, in August 2020 it was acquired by GeniusU. It now operates as a full subsidiary of GeniusU, the world’s no.1 entrepreneur success platform.

Entrepreneurs Institute’s mission is to develop the entrepreneur education curriculum and tools used by GeniusU and Genius Group, which are used by many of the leading fastgrowth high-tech companies in the world.

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Take a simple assessment of your internal values and get guidance writing your 3 month vision. Set your goals for how you want to learn, live, earn and give. Gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you so that you can learn how to use your Genie and GeniusU to design your ideal life and business and connect to your new global community.