How to uncover $100K of hidden cash in your business

Learn how to improve your Cash Flow and Profitability.
Uncover hidden revenue opportunities in your business!


Join Deborah Harris
on this exclusive masterclass.


Clear your schedule and
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Learn how to plan your Cash Flow
for a radically uncertain future.

How to generate and manage consistent cash flow?

In this FREE Live Training, we will show you how that there is another source that you can use to fund the growth of your business, and that is the cash that already runs through your own business/day to day life. Unpredictable cash flow or poor access to funds can make it hard to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming your way: acquiring new business; employing high level team; mergers, acquisitions and funding. Accessing the capital you need, when you need it and getting the right opportunities across your desk are vital to being able to scale. You cannot afford to miss this Masterclass!

Free Masterclass Reveals The REAL Secrets To Improving Your Cash Flow, Successfully!

In this masterclass we will cover the fundamentals of setting up the right financial structure to unlock the hidden revenue in your business. You will also learn how to know your numbers, why they matter and how you execute the strategy.

FREE LIVE Masterclass

What Deborah will cover during the 60 minute Free Masterclass

We'll share with you the strategies you can implement right now depending on the size, stage and state of your business that can give you amazing results... even though the world is still adjusting to the crisis.

Join us to get clarity, certainty and control of your cash flow. It's time to turn this crisis into your greatest opportunity.

Lesson 1:
Discover how you can create extra Cash-Flow & Income.

Lesson 2:
The strategy you need to implement will get the results you want.

Lesson 3:
Know how to control your cash to keep growing and accelerating.



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The Masterclass will take place online, which
means you can watch from the
comfort of your home.

This training is for you if you are:

  1. You have a new business and are seeking to grow your sales and cash.

  2. You have one or more companies with teams and overhead to manage.

  3. You have money to invest and are looking for the right returns and timing.

  4. You need to find a way to generate extra income and cash flow.


Deborah Harris

Passionate philanthropist, speaker and entrepreneur. As founder and Director of the Grow CFO Co., Deborah and her virtual Chief Financial Officer team grow the strategic financial capabilities of purpose driven businesses by creating the key strategies to maximise revenue, profit and cash flow available for growth. As a Master Trainer for the Genius Group and 3 times best selling author, Deborah simplifies finances for the entrepreneur and their teams. Why? Because people with the courage to start their own business and provide opportunities for others around them deserve to have the very best advice and support.


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FREE LIVE Masterclass