Educator 5.0 Microschool

19th July - 13th August 2021

Join the 4 week Educator 5.0 Microschool

Learn how to build a $100,000+ education business within the next 6 - 12 months with a guaranteed minimum revenue of $1000 per week.

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Spaces are very limited on this microschool and we know from previous experience that this will fill quickly.

Are you ready to set up your
education business to thrive?

Join as one of our 50 VIP trainers, coaches, educators, mentors and speakers ahead of our launch, enabling you to generate at least a guaranteed $500 per week of revenues with a fully functional digital business that is crisis proof.

This July, we are running our brand new 4-week Educator 5.0 Microschool for all trainers, educators, coaches, mentors, speakers and consultants.

This 4-week Microschool will ensure you are set up to create or grow a $100,000 education business tapping into the billion dollar ed tech industry and ensuring you have sustainable growth and predictable results, whilst becoming certified as a Flow Consultant and joining the #1 educators community in the world.

As educators, we are facing the greatest disruption of all of the markets.

The crisis has accelerated the revolution taking place in training and education. Over 1.5 billion children have been learning from home. Over 3 billion people have been in lockdown with no face-to-face meetings, workshops or conferences.

Education technology, remote mentoring and personalized learning have all been booming. Now that people are able to return to schools and offices, many are choosing not to. With this shift comes a huge opportunity for every teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, educator and speaker.

Did you know that the global training and education market will reach $10 trillion in size by 2030? It is the biggest industry in the world ready for disruption. As we go from industrial one-size-fits-all education and training to personalised mentorship and digital learning, there are simple ways for you to benefit from this disruption today.

And yet, the Genius Group mentors and educators have pivoted really quickly to digital products that are generating $100,000 per year+, working with clients from all over the world and all from the safety of their own homes!

Join us for our brand new Educator 5.0 Microschool to set up your education business for $100,000 growth and success this year.

The Educator 5.0 Faculty

You will get to be mentored live by our key Faculty experts who will assist you in the creation of a fully functioning sales pathway that has all the ingredients to future proof your digital business. Each faculty member is a proven expert in their field and has hands-on experience in running multi-million dollar digital promotions in their own businesses.

5 reasons to join the 4- week Educator 5.0 Microschool now


Discover the best way for you to build a $100,000+ education business next year from some of the top educators in our community. Receive several done-for-you plans, that have already worked and generated over $150,000 in just 3 months from the experts, that you can copy and paste to your own business.



Get your business in front of 1.5M entrepreneurs on our GeniusU platform, with your own store and a suite of educational products.



Join a fast-growing community of 2500 entrepreneur leaders who are connecting together to share resources, funding, team and investments all around the world.



Get free access to our best digital business training programmes that are helping entrepreneurs to generate $10,000 - $100,000 per month in new revenues online.



Become certified as a Genius Institute Flow Consultant allowing you to support your clients, using Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics as part of the #1 community of educators in the world.


What do you get in the 4-week
Educator 5.0 Microschool

The Educator 5.0 Microschool is based on Genius Group's Educators strategies that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in just the past 3 - 6 months, attracting new hot prospects every week.

During the 4 weeks, you will get to understand what it takes to really set up a $100,000 education or mentoring company using a proven formula that thousands of our consultants have successfully used over the years. You will access templates of plans that have generated hundreds of thousands in revenues in these past 3 - 6 months that you can adapt for your own personal promotion from our educators. You will be fully certified as a Flow Consultant and have a clear plan on how to monetise your brand new certification.

Create, launch and grow your brand new micrscoshool or product within 4 weeks, generating financial results immediately.

Week One:

Agile Leadership
Generate a $100,000 Proven Plan and Pathway

Roger James Hamilton
Genius Group

In week one, you will choose and set up your pathway of products solving a real problem allowing you to generate $100,000 business from your niche in the next 12 months.

You will get to understand the key framework and steps needed to put this together and will set it up this week.

You will also get super clear on what’s the best pathway for the customer after they join your community.

Week Two:

How to grow your followers and community to regularly have 100 per week new community members

Suraj Naik
Genius Group

In week two, you will get to learn what it takes to create a following of people who are giving you their attention and how to turn that following into a community you are giving you their time.

You will get to understand the most engaging components required to build an ongoing community of your exact avatar for your pathway.

You will set you the schedule of engaging content and activity for the next 6 months ensuring you have at least 100 new and engaged community members each week.

Week Three:

How to turn your community into real time Prospects and paying Customers

Daniel Priestley
DENT Global

In week three, you will learn how to turn your newly engaged community members into prospects and into customers.

You will discover how to make sure your prospects are queuing up to work with you instead of you having to go and find them.

You will also create and launch your own unique ongoing model for turning community into prospects on an ongoing basis.

Week Four:

Launch and grow!

Michelle Clarke
Chief Partnerships Officer
Genius Group

In week four, you will take everything you have learned so far and implement it into a real launch to generate revenue in the actual week.

You will actually set up your product circle,products and reviews, allowing you to attract 50-100 new community members.

You will get to partner with the best community leader from Community 5.0, who can bring more participants to your content schedule on an ongoing basis.

Generate immediate revenues for both of you from this week!

Spaces are limited. BOOK A CALL to secure your place

What is the Educator 5.0 Microschool?

The Educator 5.0 Microschool is a 4-week live and online accelerator program that covers how to set up and grow a coaching /training/ education digital business for the digital decade.


A practical and results focused approach

Genius Group is the world’s No.1 entrepreneur education group. We have packaged up our top educators promotional strategies and faculty online into a high impact, four week microschool, that is delivered live and online, that will set up your education business to thrive in the digital decade.


A proven formula for success

The course is delivered over 4 weeks, led by Roger Hamilton with a host of expert mentors guiding you through the process, week by week. Each week includes two 1.5 hour training sessions, a Q&A session and a final presentation to peers in the module, with clear results at the end of the week.


Local learning circles and a global community

All participants connect virtually on GeniusU where they can share opportunities, connections, resources and team.

The time investment is 1.5 - 2 hours per day. The Microschool cost is US$1495 and includes full guidance, mentoring and live Q&A from our expert faculty.

Spaces are limited. BOOK A CALL to book your call with our Genius Igniters

Who should join?

The Educator 5.0 Microschool program is for you if:


You are a coach, trainer, consultant, educator, mentor or speaker who is looking to find ways to generate new warm leads digitally, to make $100k in the next 12 months.



You are wanting to capitalise on the great disruption of the training and education marketplace.



You are transforming your coaching/training business from traditional offline to digital and fully online.



You are wanting to launch a brand new coaching or training business.


Special Bonus valued at $1500!
Flow Consultant Certification 6th - 17th September

Included alongside the 4-week Microschool is our highly popular Flow Consultant Certification, which we are running live, as a bonus after the 4-week Microschool.

What is the Flow Consultant Certification?

The Flow Consultant Certification is our most popular certification with over 1,000 accredited educators already having taken part. It is designed to help you generate between $25,000 and $100,000 in the next 12 months, using our personalised products and proven pathway of content.

Digital Flow consultants are certified to run high impact, high return of investment debriefs using the Wealth Dynamics profile tests. They are specially certified to understand all of the 8 profiles and 5 frequencies, which help individuals get into flow in the fastest way possible.

By conducting these unique profile debriefs, Digital Flow Consultants typically go on to secure long term coaching and mentoring relationships with their clients, as they are able to help each client uniquely, based around their specific profile.

What’s included when you join? Over $13,000 worth of products

Here’s what you get when you are accepted into the Educator 5.0 microschool


The full 4-week Live and interactive Microschool
- valued at $2,500
The Educator 5.0 Microschool is a 4-week online Live Microschool that gives you the tools, training, strategy and expertise needed to prosper no matter what the economy is doing.

With all of the downloads, slides, recordings and access to the full 4-week microschool after it has completed for you to go back and re-watch.

Full access to the live expert training sessions three times a week with implementation time built in.

Strategic feedback sessions in small groups and LIVE Q&A forums.

Access to the Faculty of experts within our closed GeniusU Circle where you can post questions, share ideas and strategies.


Flow Consultant Live Online Certification - valued at $1,500
2 weeks of high value content in the online live Flow Consultant Certification, learning how to run high impact, high return on Investment debriefs using Wealth dynamics and Talent Dynamics. This certification will enable you to coach from anywhere in the world and connect with clients from over 300 cities.

Note: Only applicable to new Flow Consultants, it does not extend the license of existing consultants


36 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Profile tokens - (valued at $3,492)
During your 12 months certification, you will receive 3 new profile tokens each month which you can sell along with a debrief for a retail price of $397 each. Each token has a retail value of $97.

Note: Only applicable to new Flow Consultants.


Faculty Member of the Genius Institute for 12 months - valued at $1500
As a faculty member you have the ability to share your niche with a community of over 1.5 million members.


Access into the Trusted Buyers Club - valued at $500
only available on full payment*
You will be instantly accepted into the Trusted Buyers Club with a $1000 deposit, allowing you to generate a guaranteed $1000 of sales each week, along with over $1000 worth of services and products to assist the building of your own business.


Full GeniusU Mentor Status
- valued at $970
Access the ability to connect with over 1.4 million members looking for help and guidance and to be promoted by our “Genie” with your own 5 star ratings and reviews. You can:

Set up your community circles to build quality leads and trust.

Create your own paid Microcourses and Microschools on GeniusU.

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time.

Share your opportunities with all of the other members on GeniusU.

Place your products and services for sale on the GeniusU web store.

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on a personalised dashboard.


Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970
A full year in the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton. This includes:

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network.

You get access to monthly “Ask me anything” sessions with our top mentors, where you can share highlights, ask direct questions related to your business.

Access the full back catalogue of recordings.

A community of over 2000 entrepreneurs to support your growth and share opportunities with.


Entrepreneur vouchers to use on edupreneur education before September 30th 2021
- Valued at $2,000+
On your 1-to-1 call with your Partnerships Manager, you will get to jointly decide the best next steps to take to ensure you hit your 2021 goals and you can cash in $2,000 of vouchers against the full price of the next program that is the best for your journey.


A strategy call with Partnerships Manager - valued at $500
This high impact quarterly 1-to-1, with one of our Partnerships Managers, enables you to fast track your promotion plan and annualised results. A focused 45-minute session where both you and your business will be advised on the next best steps for growth and cash generating results.


The full 4-week Community 5.0 Microcourse
- valued at $270
The Community 5.0 Microcourse is a 4-week online Microcourse that gives you the tools, training, strategy and expertise needed to prosper no matter what the economy is doing.

With all of the downloads, slides, recordings and access to the full 4-week microcourse after it has completed for you to go back and re-watch.


APPLY NOW: $1,495

Normal Rate: $3,500
Save $2,005

Spaces are limited. BOOK A CALL to book your call with our Genius Igniters

What people are saying

The Genius Institutes 4 weeks programme paved the way for our land based business to have a digital presence. The course also highlighted the purpose of the business which in turn gave us great clarity around our digital offering.

NOTE: I found each day of the course to provide me sufficient value that I would have swapped for the entire course fee. That equated to purchase one and get eleven days free!

- Keith Jaques

The Genius Institute's 4 weeks programme showed me, that to create the business I wanted, it wasn’t about letting go of the perceived outcome, but rather about partnering up with the right team. One that could do the deals, and make the connections, leaving me open to do the work I do best. It also pushed me to question his new business.

In addition, I identified a need to deliver my coaching program to multiple ideal clients. I decided an online course using the GeniusU Microdegree functionality was a way I could help real estate professionals, as well as other entrepreneurs.

- Roberto E Suarez

I joined the Genius Institute program intending to help the customers who needed immediate support in the crisis. Business owners were having real experiences during the virus crisis time period, but what information did the business owners need to know to be adequately covered.

The first step was clear. Create a simple and accessible tool to support customer decision making. To solve this, we created a risk planning tool using the nine levels of Wealth Dynamics.

By April 2020, three new customers approached AssureMe for Risk Management, each with over a million-dollar value in revenue. Proving the solution worked.

- Caroline Liang

I joined the Genius Institute program intending to quickly identify and create new income streams. In a way, I needed to go back to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, as if I hadn’t built a successful business, to be able to look at the problems of the moment and refocus my purpose with that in mind.

I created an online Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind membership, went live weekly with an Arts Dynamics Talks Livestream/podcast series interviewing key players in the industry, and began to digitize courses and mentor sessions. In addition I partnered up with trusted colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and abroad, for added synergies and mutual support.

The success of these essential pivots can be seen in the results. I have now launched a fully scalable online members and product business, gaining over 25 founding members in its launch. With members already reporting the replacement of lost income. I have been invited to speak at various paid online events and have several 1-2-1 clients.

- Sofie Marin

Steps to take


On receiving your application, you will be invited to a call with one of our specially trained Genius Igniters, where we will take you through a process to check that this is the right program for you, based on the results you need to achieve in the next 12 months.

You will then be invited to an orientation call with your own facilitator where you will get focused on the key outcomes you want to achieve during the 4 weeks and where you feel you will need the most support.

Then you will be invited to join our exclusive community of Educators where you can connect, share opportunities, resources and learning.


You will get access to the full 4-week Microschool, including ahead of the live certification, access to the Flow Consultant Certification online. It's about 16 hours worth of content for you to learn all about the 8 x Wealth Dynamics profile types and Talent Dynamics profile types. This includes bonus Q&A sessions.

We also provide you with all the tools to set up your digital products and services, remote team, community and payment gateway so you get all the tools as well as know-how to succeed as part of the Educator 5.0 microschool.


We will also show you how to list your products online and how to cultivate a trusted community that wants to do business with you.

Whilst completing the Microschool, you will begin generating revenues and cash flow - learning as you go.

After the course is completed, all program steps, course materials and the global community remain open and accessible throughout the year. When you’re ready to study other modules or review the content that you’ve already experienced, simply come back to the Microdegree and learn as you please.

" Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world "

- Nelson Mandela


GeniusU is a web and mobile platform which connects over 1,400,000+ entrepreneurs to the right network, knowledge and opportunities based on their personal values, vision, passions, talents, and purpose.

GeniusU's A.I. Genies give personalized recommendations on who to meet, how to upskill, where to go and what to do based on their stage of business growth, global location and other personalized information.

GeniusU Is Home To The Global Entrepreneur Movement, With Over 1,000,000 Social Entrepreneurs And Impact Investors Collaborating Together To Grow Their Income And Impact.

Together we have a mission to accelerate our collective progress to achieve the 17 United Nations Global Goals.

A Global Community Of purpose driven Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs Learning & Earning On GeniusU

With over 1 million members and growing by 1,000 a day, GeniusU is the largest online platform for entrepreneurs.


Giving Impacts made to date

Today, it is the entrepreneurs of the world who have the greatest power to trigger change. In partnership with Buy1Give1 GeniusU members can make giving impacts on GeniusU to support causes aligned with their purpose.


Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU

Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU


Thank you for applying to be one of the first 200 to join our Educator 5.0 VIP. Please book a call with one of the Genius Igniters here to see if this is the right programme for you.


+ What are the dates of the Educator 5.0 Microschool?

The program launches on Monday 19th July, 2021 with a live session from Roger James Hamilton at 9am UK time or 9am Pacific time (depending on what time zone you are in) and concludes on Friday 13th August, 2021

+ How is the program delivered?

The course is delivered over four weeks with three live mentor sessions, two implementation days and a Q&A forum each week.

+ How much time does it take to attend the Educator 5.0 Microschool?

The time investment between the mentoring and coursework is around 1 to 2 hours each day.

+ Will we be assigned a mentor for the duration of the program?

Yes, your mentor will conduct a one on one strategy call before the Educator 5.0 Microschool begins, and they will be available for Q&A at allocated times during the four week academy. In addition to this, our Genius Institute faculty will be available at key times during the academy for Q&A within our GeniusU circle. You will be amongst a powerful and robust network of entrepreneurs for ongoing business development, opportunities and support.

+ Do I have to have an existing business?

No you don’t. The three streams, digital freelance, digital startup and digital enterprise cater for all levels of business and even those looking to start a business for the first time. The information, structure, mentoring and other entrepreneurs will support you in moving your idea or enterprise forward no matter what stage it is at.