Entrepreneur Summer School August 31st - September 25th

Are you ready to set up your digital business to not just survive but positively thrive in the coming recession?

Apply now to secure your place in the Entrepreneur Summer School running from August 31st to 25 September.

Follow a personalised learning path, that will allow you to engineer your digital business for resilience and high growth in the coming months and year ahead.

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Spaces are limited. Applications close on August 28th


Join the Entrepreneur Summer School

This summer, we’re teaming up with world leading digital business experts to help you not just survive but thrive during the coming recession, and we’re inviting you to be one of the first 200 students to join.

The Entrepreneur Summer School is a four week online Microschool that gives you the tools, training, strategy and expertise needed to prosper with a deliberately crafted digital business that can grow, no matter what the economy is doing.

Following the success of the recent Crisis Leadership Academy where 200 entrepreneurs pivoted their offline businesses to digital, we are now running the Entrepreneur Summer School giving you the flexibility to personalise your digital learning experience based on the specific needs of your business, your team's skill set and your customers.

That’s right, we have a full curriculum of learning content available, tailored to your exact requirements, across the 8 key drivers for digital success.

We have partnered with 21 of the world’s leading digital business experts to help you generate results, fast.

You get to design your custom learning pathway based on the needs of your business right now, with access to all of the top talent in the Entrepreneur Summer School.

Whether you’re just starting out, you’re part of a small business, or you already have an established enterprise, we have the solutions to help you succeed in the digital space and prosper in the coming months and beyond.

Join us today to reset, restructure and relaunch your company as a digital business.

Its time to turn the great disruption into your greatest opportunity for growth

The Entrepreneur Summer School Faculty

Over the four weeks, you will get to be mentored live, by our key Faculty experts, who will assist you in the creation of a fully functioning digital business that has all the 8 key drivers for success built in from the start. Each faculty member is a proven expert in their field and has hands-on experience in running multi-million dollar digital promotions in their own businesses

Five reasons to join the Entrepreneur Summer School Today


Generate between $10,000 and $100,000 per week by having a targeted digital business and plan, that allows you to succeed and grow in the digital space.



Direct your own personalised learning, by selecting the key live topics that your business needs most, right now, to thrive and grow.



Receive full access to the entire 21 modules for you and a continuous improvement even after the Entrepreneur Summer School has completed.



Be connected to over 20,000 in our Genius Institute community who are creating opportunities, connections and providing resources for each other as part of our trusted community.



Get in front of 1.5M entrepreneurs on our GeniusU platform, with your own store and a suite of crisis ready products.


What do you get in the Entrepreneur Summer School?

The Entrepreneur Summer School is based on Roger James Hamilton’s transformational Wealth Dynamics framework. By joining our our summer school, you will experience:

A four week personalised live Microschool

Over 4 weeks, covering the 8 key digital drivers for success, you will create a highly personalised training experience. In the first week, you will create a focused strategy for the next three months to generate instant cash flow. In week 2 you will choose which digital marketing session is the most critical to your success. In week three you do the same for Sales and Service and in week four you select the best focus for you to maximise your cash and numbers in the finance and systems week.

Learn from renowned experts in each field

The Summer School is split into 21 Microschools covering the eight critical drivers of digital business. We have hand picked some of the best talent around the world to help you learn and grow in the areas that are most important to your business right now.

Customise your learning pathway for maximum value

As you progress through the four modules, you will choose which courses which courses to take to get the most value out of the Summer School. Learn from expert entrepreneurs on each subject who are successfully running multi million dollar promotions in their own companies, and get the insights you need to transform your ideas into income.

Diploma credits for your certification

For the first time ever, we are giving credits to participants towards your Diploma in Entrepreneurship. By joining the Entrepreneur Summer School, you are taking the next step in your lifelong education as an entrepreneur.

Spaces are limited. Apply now to book your call with our Genius Igniters

What are the 8 key drivers?

During the four weeks of the Entrepreneur Summer School, you will take a deep dive into the eight key drivers of growth that a successful digital business requires to have in place.

There are 8 key drivers as shown on the diagram below.

Each week focuses on two of the key drivers, which align with the four seasons and four types of genius.

From leadership to partnerships and service to systems, each driver creates a level of flow that when mapped together in the right sequence, becomes exponential. All of these components are critical in crisis times, and form the basis of Agile Leadership.

We have teamed up with leading experts in each field to deliver the content and help you bring your strategy to life.

As you progress through the four stages of a digital enterprise, our faculty will guide you and be there to give you the answers you need.

By joining the Entrepreneur Summer School, you are making a critical investment into the future of your business, and surrounding yourself with the right support to generate immediate cash flows and long term stability.

21 Microschools in One

Week one sees all entrepreneurs following the Agile Leadership by stream. After that, each week you choose from one of the microcourses to attend live with the expert faculty member and a smaller group of entrepreneurs. You can also go back to any of the microcourse recordings from the week, at any time, after the Summer School.

Week One:

Agile Leadership

During the first week, you will create a promotion plan based on Roger James Hamilton’s proven formula that is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs every year. After you have created a plan to define your strategy over the coming months, we jump straight into making it happen. The next three weeks are focused on bringing your plan to life with the help of leading experts in each area.

Digital freelance plan: Your first 10 customers
If you are getting started and looking for your first group of customers to generate your first $10k per month, you can join the digital freelance stream in Week 1

Digital Start up Plan: Your first 100 customers.
If you looking to generate between $10-20K per month, you can join the digital start up stream

Digital Enterprise plan: Your first 1000 customers
If you are looking to generate between $20k-$100k+ per month you can join the Digital Enterprise Stream

Week Two:

Digital Marketing

In the second week, you will be equipped with the tools, templates, skills and strategies to grow your followers, community and prospects in a replicatable way. This will give you a continuous flow of engaged and warm leads for your product or service, so you can keep growing your flow by growing your value cycle and pipeline. Whether you’re planning to reach clients on LinkedIn or Upwork, start a podcast or learn how to grow your community you will find ways to generate new digital leads in week two.

Choose from one of the following microcourses to attend live in week 2

Linked in marketing Plan

Upwork design and build

Facebook marketing plan

Podcast design and build

Shopify design and build

Amazon design and build

Week Three:

Sales & Service

In the third week you will learn the best sales and partnership strategies to get your newly found traffic of warm leads, super keen to take action with you. You might want to learn how to hone your online speaking skills for sales, or be able to set up and run a remote sales team generating high conversions, or discover how to build and then maintain a community so the minute you create an offer the level of trust is so high, your community want to get started with you and pay!

Choose from one of the following microcourses to attend live in week 3

Remote Sales Plan

Influencer Design & Build

Speaker Sales Plan

Microschool Design & Build

Partnership Sales Plan

Community Design & Build

Week Four:

Finance & Systems

The fourth and final module is where we put the best structures in place to ensure that you dont just grow your cash flow but you can grow your team, your time and your investments too. From cashflow planning to creating a full company plan for the year for your team that is compelling and exciting, these 6 modules that make up week four are critical to ensuring that your results compound over time and your business can scale to the next level.

Choose from one of the following microcourses to attend live in week 4

Remote Work Plan

Cash Flow Design & Build

Team Leadership Plan

Flightdeck Design & Build

Crisis Investing Plan

Pitch Deck Design & Build

Apply now to secure your place and transform your business

A customized learning pathway for every level of entrepreneur


4 week microschool
Generate up to $10K / month in new cash flow personally in crisis times


4 week microschool
Pivot your startup to $10K+ / month in new remote sales in crisis times


4 week microschool
Pivot your team to $100K+ / month in new business in crisis times

Earlier this year, we launched the Crisis Leadership Academy which was designed around three different levels of business - freelancers looking to earn consistent cashflows, startups that need organized promotion plans to grow and established enterprises that were wanting to rebound to pre-crisis revenues.

The Entrepreneur Summer School takes it two steps further by providing a specialized learning pathway based on your level of entrepreneurship and connecting you with the resources you need for ongoing success.

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu

Dear Entrepreneur,

We are living in unprecedented times. While the immediate impact of the coronavirus crisis has passed, we are heading into what experts are predicting to be the greatest financial crash in history.

If you are like most of the entrepreneurs in our global community, you will be feeling the financial effects of the great disruption that is currently taking place. If you do not have a digital business generating remote sales and cashflow, you will be facing an uncertain future.

Even worse, you realise you need to fix the short term business challenges while keeping an eye on the upcoming opportunities that the next wave of change is bringing. Because it is always in the times of greatest crisis that lie the opportunities of a lifetime.

This is why we are launching the Entrepreneur Summer School.

We have had over a decade of experience empowering entrepreneurs of all levels to pivot their business to suit the times. We have now taken our signature programs run at our entrepreneur resorts, iLab and Wealth Dynamics, and we have upgraded them to address the unique challenges of the upcoming disruption.

Last quarter, we delivered these programs digitally and globally for the first time as the Crisis Leadership Academy. This time around, we are taking the best parts of the Crisis Leadership Academy, bringing in our top faculty experts, and taking it one step further by combining 21 leading edge Microschools into one comprehensive course.

When you join us, you will experience a tailored approach to create a brand new digital pathway for your business. Whether you are a one-person freelancer, a startup with a small team or an enterprise with hundreds of staff, we have a program that will deliver you the results you want and need to lead you out of the crisis.

For as little as one to two hours each day, you will have the guidance of the mentors as well as the support of your facilitator to implement a full plan from zero to a fully operating digital cash-generating pathway by the end of the four weeks.

We're bringing on board our first 200 participants now. So apply today, I wish you all the best in your application and I look forward to working with you!


Apply to be one of the first 200 members of the Entrepreneur Summer School

What is the Entrepreneur Summer School?

The Entrepreneur Summer School is a 4 week accelerator program that covers all eight drivers of building a digital business with personal guidance and mentoring to lead you towards consistent cash flow and predictable growth.


Four modules of expert guidance in four weeks
Genius Group is the world’s No.1 entrepreneur education group. We have packaged up our top entrepreneur curriculum and faculty online into a high impact, four week Summer School, with modules tailored to each participant from startup to seasoned entrepreneur.


Highly tailored for maximum impact
As a student of our Microschool, you get to choose from 21 modules covering all eight critical drivers of digital business, with clear weekly actions and results. These modules are designed around the eight stages of enterprise and suitable for all levels of entrepreneurship. By selecting the modules that suit you best, we help you to develop and implement the right strategies as you learn from leading experts.


A proven formula for success
The course is delivered over four weeks with a different expert mentor guiding you through each skill set. Each week includes three training sessions, Q&As and a final presentation to peers in the module, with clear results each week.


Local learning circles and a global community
All participants connect virtually or in city circles, and we all meet at the end for the global award ceremony. The final awards include $10,000 in prize money for the best presentations and success stories. The time investment is between 1-2 hours per day. The Microschool cost is US$1,495 and includes full guidance from our expert faculty.

Apply to join the Entrepreneur Summer School

Steps to take


Once we receive your application, you will be invited to a call with one of our specially trained Genius Igniters. On this call, we will take you through a process to define which of the 3 streams you should be joining, based on the results you need to achieve in the next 3 months.

You will then be invited to an orientation call with your personal facilitator where you will get focused on the key outcomes you want to achieve during the 4 weeks and where you feel you will need the most support, so you can choose the best live microschools for your level and needs right now.

Then you’ll be invited to join our exclusive community of Entrepreneur Summer School students where you can connect, share opportunities, resources and learning.


You will get access to the full four week Microschool calendar. This includes three live mentor sessions per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, linked by two implementation days where you put into action the key steps covered to build your digital business. During the implementation days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we provide a Q&A session to answer your burning questions and help you to continually progress.

The course runs with an investment of one to two hours each day and you will have a fully operating cash-generating digital pathway built in four weeks.

We also provide you with all the tools to set up your digital products and services, remote team, community and payment gateway. In doing so, you get all the tools for success as well as the know-how to succeed.


We will also show you how to list your products online and how to cultivate a trusted community that wants to do business with you.

Whilst completing the accelerator, you will begin generating revenues and cash flow - learning as you go.

After the course is completed, all program steps, course materials and the global community remain open and accessible throughout the year. When you’re ready to study other modules or review the content that you’ve already experienced, simply come back to the Microdegree and learn as you please.

Spaces are limited. Apply now to book your call with our Genius Igniters

Who should join?

The Entrepreneur Summer School program is for you if:


You are a freelancer, self employed or an employee at home looking to create a new income stream.



You are a small business owner looking for the best way to bring your existing business online or take your digital business to the next level.



You are an entrepreneur seeking the smartest and fastest ways to grow out of the crisis.



You have spotted an opportunity in the market and need help to design the business model and products at speed to get it launched.


Spaces are limited. Apply now to arrange a call to see if this is the right fit for you

What’s included when you join over $6,500 worth of products

Here’s what you get when you are accepted into the Entrepreneur Summer School


The 4 week live and interactive Microschool
valued at $2495
The Entrepreneur Summer School is a four week online Microschool that gives you the tools, training, strategy and expertise needed to prosper no matter what the economy is doing.

We take you through the eight critical drivers of success in a digital business, and work with you to formulate a transformational plan and bring it to life during the four week course. As part of the Mircoschool you will receive:

Full access to the live expert training sessions three times a week with implementation time built in.

Weekly strategic feedback sessions in small groups and LIVE Q&A forums.

Access to the Faculty of experts within our closed GeniusU Circle where you can post questions, share ideas and strategies.


Full GeniusU Mentor Status - valued at $970
Access the ability to connect with over 1.4 million members looking for help and guidance and to be promoted by our “Genie” with your own 5 star ratings and reviews. You can:

Set up your community circles to build quality leads and trust.

Create your own paid Microcourses and Microschools on GeniusU.

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time.

Share your opportunities with all of the the other members on GeniusU.

Place your products and services for sale on the GeniusU webstore.

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on a personalised dashboard


Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970
A full year in the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton. This includes:

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network

You can ask Roger direct questions which he answers once a month in a value packed recording!

Access the full back catalogue of recordings.

A community of over 2000 entrepreneurs to support your growth and share opportunities with.


The 4 week Entrepreneur Summer School catalogue of modules - valued at $1,995
You get ongoing access to all 21 modules delivered by our expert faculty. Come back later in the year and learn the critical skills for your ongoing success. This includes full access to the recordings of the Microschool, created as a Microcourse within the GeniusU platform.

As your revenues return to what they were before the crisis started, you can continue to grow through our tailored approach to learning.


30 Minute Personalised strategy call - Valued at $290
The course comes with a personalized call where you get clear direction from our team of Genius Igniters on the next steps to take right now based on your current situation.


The Impact Test - Valued at $37
We will send you an invite to take the Impact Test for free. You will learn your entrepreneur level, your company's impact level, and the steps to take to 10x your income and impact in 2020.


Two tokens to take the upgraded 2020 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Tests - Valued at $194
Take the World's No.1 Entrepreneur Profiling Tool, now fully shareable, integrated, and mobile-friendly on GeniusU and gift a token to a friend or colleague.


Entrepreneur vouchers to use with selected mentoring, training and events
Valued at $2,000+
You will be given more than $2,000 of vouchers, which you can use to receive a discount on many of our products, from startup retreats to workshops for highly successful businesses, allowing you to transform and grow at speed over the next 12 months.


Apply Now: $1,495

Normal Rate: $4,995
Save $3,500

What people are saying

The Genius Institutes 4 weeks programme paved the way for our land based business to have a digital presence. The course also highlighted the purpose of the business which in turn gave us great clarity around our digital offering.

NOTE: I found each day of the course to provide me sufficient value that I would have swapped for the entire course fee. That equated to purchase one and get eleven days free!

- Keith Jaques

The Genius Institute's 4 weeks programme showed me, that to create the business I wanted, it wasn’t about letting go of the perceived outcome, but rather about partnering up with the right team. One that could do the deals, and make the connections, leaving me open to do the work I do best. It also pushed me to question his new business.

In addition, I identified a need to deliver my coaching program to multiple ideal clients. I decided an online course using the GeniusU Microdegree functionality was a way I could help real estate professionals, as well as other entrepreneurs.

- Roberto E Suarez

I joined the Genius Institute program intending to help the customers who needed immediate support in the crisis. Business owners were having real experiences during the virus crisis time period, but what information did the business owners need to know to be adequately covered.

The first step was clear. Create a simple and accessible tool to support customer decision making. To solve this, we created a risk planning tool using the nine levels of Wealth Dynamics.

By April 2020, three new customers approached AssureMe for Risk Management, each with over a million-dollar value in revenue. Proving the solution worked.

- Caroline Liang

I joined the Genius Institute program intending to quickly identify and create new income streams. In a way, I needed to go back to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, as if I hadn’t built a successful business, to be able to look at the problems of the moment and refocus my purpose with that in mind.

I created an online Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind membership, went live weekly with an Arts Dynamics Talks Livestream/podcast series interviewing key players in the industry, and began to digitize courses and mentor sessions. In addition I partnered up with trusted colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and abroad, for added synergies and mutual support.

The success of these essential pivots can be seen in the results. I have now launched a fully scalable online members and product business, gaining over 25 founding members in its launch. With members already reporting the replacement of lost income. I have been invited to speak at various paid online events and have several 1-2-1 clients.

- Sofie Marin


James Waddy
Business Rich Coaching

Tomas Nutil
Tomas Nutil

Florence His
Business4People - coach4ppol

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels (Pvt. Ltd)

Stephanie J Allen
Gateway Development

Del Lewis
TriClare Business Holdings

Dr Libby Kemkaran
TAMETM Your Brain Methodology

Glenn Lim
BBSG (Business Breakthrough Singapore)

Michelle Nolting
Michelle is Your Coach

Eva Dalgety
Dalgety Marketing Solutions

Huw Jones
Huw Jones NZ Ltd.

Sue Jackson
The Awakened Enterprise

Ruby Johnson
College for Self-Realisation

Ed Bracey
Synergy of Empowered Women


Tamami Ushiki
Japan Dynamics Group

Patchanan Khongwanitkitjaroen
GET Biz (Thailand) & Genius School Thailand


Sally Griffyn
The Visionaries Ltd

Moira Ní Ghallachóir

Jeff Withers
Success Dynamics Global

Maree Malouf
Success Dynamics Global

Sofie Marin
Arts Dynamics

Nic Preddle

Neeraj Shah
Titan Masterminds

Ian Woodhouse
Nimble Coaching

Kathy Bradley
Asana Property Investments

Howard Cain
Asana Property Investments

Lili Niemann
E-Square Education

Eva Dalgety
Dalgety Marketing Solutions

Shirley McKinnon
McKinnon Sales Centre Pty Ltd.

Gillian Anderson
Radial 1 Consulting

Namrata Thakker
Entrepreneur Excel

Suresh Menon
VALUEADDITIONS Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Jaya Obhan
Jaya Obhan Training Systems

Lisanya Pillay
Intrinsia (Pty) Ltd.

Jane Stevenson
Magnetic Minds


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Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU

Apply here to secure your place in the Entrepreneur Summer School


+ What are the dates of the Entrepreneur Summer School?

The program launches on Monday 31st August, 2020 with a live session from Roger James Hamilton at 9am UK time or 9am Pacific time (depending on what time zone you are in) and concludes on Friday 25th September, 2020.

+ How is the program delivered?

The course is delivered over four weeks with three live mentor sessions, two implementation days and a Q&A forum each week.

+ How much time does it take to attend the Entrepreneur Summer School?

The time investment between the mentoring and coursework is around 1 to 2 hours each day.

+ What is the cost of the Entrepreneur Summer School?

The Microschool cost is normally $4,995. However, for the first 30 VIPs to join, the price is $995 for VIP GEM members and $895 for VIP Crystal Circle members, Performance Consultants and iLab attendees.

+ Who is the Entrepreneur Summer School for?

The program is split into three streams depending on the outcome you are looking to achieve. After the course, you can be earning between $10K to $100K+ per month by pivoting your focus and adjusting your business model during the 4 weeks. The 3 streams are freelancer, startup and enterprise entrepreneurs.

+ Will we be assigned a mentor for the duration of the program?

Yes, your mentor will conduct a one on one strategy call before the Entrepreneur Summer School begins, and they will be available for Q&A at allocated times during the four week academy. In addition to this, our Genius Institute faculty will be available at key times during the academy for Q&A within our GeniusU circle. You will be amongst a powerful and robust network of entrepreneurs for ongoing business development, opportunities and support.

+ Do I have to have an existing business?

No you don’t. The three streams, digital freelance, digital startup and digital enterprise cater for all levels of business and even those looking to start a business for the first time. The information, structure, mentoring and other entrepreneurs will support you in moving your idea or enterprise forward no matter what stage it is at.