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Cash Flow Design and Build

If you have build your cash flow, this is the module for you

During our sessions you will create your own personal budget and your personal visionary budget. You will design your business model so that you have a strategic spending plan to make that all come together. You will work exactly how many and of what you need to sell AND how to get the cash to flow in, hang around and play for a while before it flows out PLUS we will create a framework for the next quarter for you to check and measure your success.

What do you get?

Know exactly how to Pay Yourself First

Earn What You're Worth

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Monday 6.00 pm (SGT)

Tuesday 6.00 pm (SGT)

Wednesday 6.00 pm (SGT))

LiveQ&A Thursday 6.00 pm (SGT)

LiveQ&A Thursday 8.00 am (SGT)

Friday 6.00 pm (SGT)


Day 1: Grow Your Own Personal Budget

Grow Your Own Personal Budget AND Ideal Lifestyle Plan

Video Training

Day 2: Your ideal business model

Grow your ideal business model that includes paying You.

Video Training

Day 3: 13 week cash flow

Grow your 13 week cash flow to track and measure your success

Video Training


About Deborah Harris

Passionate philanthropist, speaker and entrepreneur. As founder and Director of the Grow CFO Co., Deborah and her virtual Chief Financial Officer team grow the strategic financial capabilities of purpose driven businesses by creating the key strategies to maximise revenue, profit and cash flow available for growth. As a Master Trainer for the Entrepreneur’s Institute and 3 times best selling author, Deborah simplifies finances for the entrepreneur and their teams. Why? Because people with the courage to start their own business and provide opportunities for others around them deserve to have the very best advice and support.


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I'm a startup, do I need a full accounting system to do this course?

A: We will supply everything you need to get started.

I get overwhelmed when the talk turns to numbers, will this be like that?

A: Absolutely not. We will be using some fantastic illustrations and you'll find lots of references to everyday things to make it easy to understand... in fact, we have used these same concepts to teach young entrepreneurs from the ages of 9 and up so I guarantee it will be both engaging, easy to understand and with a little bit of crazy fun too.

I have an established business but sometimes don't have enough cash flow. Will this course help me?

A: The principles in this course are those that we apply to all businesses from start up through to experienced entrepreneur stage. We even apply these principles to Roger Hamilton's Entrepreneur Resorts. We will be covering topics that show you how to pay yourself as a worker, a manager or even an investor in your business.