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Microschool Design & Build

If you have a burning desire to build a Microschool, this is the module for you

Ready to get a Microschool designed and built on GeniusU to start attracting new clients?

Want a simple yet powerful "how to" system that makes it easy to design your programs?

Then, join 20 year experienced in person and online facilitator, Lisa Michaels for this content rich do-it-with-you program where you’ll design and build your MicroSchool. Lisa will be sharing the system for designing accelerated programs that produce great results for your participants — whether you are new to facilitating or have years of experience — you’re MicroSchool will be bringing them back time after time hungry for more.

Delivered in 3 ninety minute training session, one Q&A, and a final presentation celebration. You won't believe what you can get done in only 1 week and you'll be prepared to design any program you develop going forward!

What do you get?

A template for effortless Microschool or workshop design

Your Microschool designed with Accelerated Learning

You'll be ready to deliver as soon as you've completed all the steps

Your inner facilitator activated at the next level to help you grow a thriving digital business and community

Deeper skills to help your clients clear blocked energies in your workshops

A tool box of dynamic ways to move group energy in your Microschool and in person workshops

Potent skills to create accelerated learning facilitation environments

A Step-by-step system for MicroSchool delivery

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Tuesday 1.00 am (SGT)

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LiveQ&A Friday 1.00 am (SGT)

LiveQ&A Friday 7.00 am (SGT)

Saturday 1.00 am (SGT)


Day 1: Microschool Overview

As you begin the journey of designing your microschool think through the outcome you want your participants to have at the end. What do you want them to be able to do? to become? to have? 

In Microschool Design & Build the outcome I want you to have is your own microschool ready to deliver. I want you to become confident as a designer of engaging microschools and as a facilitator. With these outcomes you will be able to do as many microschools as you are inspired to create. 

So for you what is the outcome you'd like for your participants? 

Day 2: Accelerated Learning

Start designing with the Accelerated Learning cycle and activations.

Video Training

Day 3: Design & Build

We'll integrate all we've covered and layer in more content and experiences into your microschool. 

Video Training

About Lisa Michaels

Lisa Michaels has 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, teacher, trainer, and workshop facilitator. She designed more workshops, classes, trainings, products, and certifications than she can count and helped thousands of people across multiple fields take their skills to the next level. All of Lisa's programs are steeped in Accelerated Learning principles making it easy for the facilitators she trains to apply their skills to any subject matter. She's currently serving as a Performance Consultant, Faculty and Atlanta City Leader for GeniusU.


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