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Join The Trusted Buyers Club to find a group of motivated buyers buying your products and services every week. This is the only initiative that guarantees you sales during the crisis.
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How do you get your products in front of your customers in the current economic climate? The coronavirus crisis has triggered a much bigger and longer-lasting economic crisis. The 1929 stock market crash triggered a ten year Great Depression, and world leaders believe the coming downturn could be even worse.

Our solution is a 21st century upgrade of the community cooperatives that let entrepreneurs trade up and out of the Great Depression: the Trusted Buyers Club. When you join the club, you buy and sell a guaranteed amount every week with everyone else in the club. It guarantees you weekly sales, and weekly savings on all the tools and resources you need to grow your business.

It also gives you access to our 1.4 million entrepreneurs who are looking for your services, with an online on GeniusU, the world’s No.1 entrepreneur education network.

It’s free to apply, and we are conducting entry interviews today.

Dear Partner,

The entire world has frozen over. We are in unprecedented times, where nothing is normal. In times like these, it’s always best to get back to first principles. That’s what happened during the Great Depression when there was 50% unemployment, no one wanted to spend, and money was scarce.

At the time, thousands of communities sprung up, with entrepreneurs trading between themselves. They worked out that an economy needs four things to work well:

1. Everyone delivering compelling value
2. Knowing who was in your trusted circle
3. Having everyone motivated to buy
4. Using a community currency to trade with

They created their own markets to barter and trade, and they created their own community currency that no one would horde and everyone would spend. In fact, the systems worked so well, governments eventually banned them. They feared that if people were not using government currencies, they couldn’t be taxed easily.

Today we have global communities and digital currencies. It’s time to bring back what works, and upgrade it. The Trusted Buyers Club we see as a potential game changer. It enables us to get guaranteed sales each week by using the tools we have built on GeniusU, and our digital currency, Genie Coin.

We’re opening up 20 categories in our Trusted Buyers Club for trusted partners to join. You’ll find below a step-by-step guide on how the club works. Once you see the genius behind it, and how it will give you guaranteed sales and savings every week, I hope you will join us. Let’s turn this crisis into an amazing opportunity to create our own microeconomy.

Keep shining,

“The future of money: Creating new wealth, work and a wiser world.”

Bernard Lietaer

How the Trusted Cowin Buyers
and Sellers Club works



After you apply we will review your application, your company and products for suitability to join the club


If your application is successful we will take you through the process of joining and you will choose whether to join at the US$2,000, US$5,000 or US$10,000 per week level.


We will then help you set up your profile, company and products on GeniusU, with the right pricing to sell. Each member can list up to three products at different price points. All club members are expected to give at least a 40% discount on their normal pricing to other club members.



Each round of the Trusted Buyers Club is one week long, starting each Wednesday.


At the beginning of the round, your deposited funds are converted to Genie Coins. Each Genie Coin is equivalent to one US dollar.


You then have one week to purchase listed products and services from other club members in the Trusted Buyers Club with your Genie Coins. At the end of the round the Genie Coins expire. So you, and all other members, are motivated to spend the full amount with each other, while also selling their products.


You can receive up to double the Genie Coin that you spend, and take advance bookings for the following round. In this way, well priced and high value products will be rewarded. If your products don’t sell well, we will help you price and repackage the product, so you products can sell the following week. In this way, everyone is guaranteed revenues.


Each week, based on your success, you can cash out, play again or upgrade to a higher level. This ensures a weekly rhythm of sales while also receiving high value products and services at discounted rates.


There is no fee for joining, other than the deposit for each round, payable before the round begins. There is a flat fee of 12% on your sales which covers transaction fees, platform fees and contribution to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund. This fee is taken off when you cash out.


You can view your dashboard on GeniusU at any time, and see how many Genie Coins you have, how many days left in the round, how much you’ve earned and how much you’ve spent.



As well as having a trusted community to trade with, and guaranteed sales, this momentum grows as it reaches the 1.4 million members of GeniusU and our 7,000 partners. All products of the Trusted Buyers Club are included in our GeniusU store.


During each round, you can give ratings and testimonials to those you do business with, and they can do the same for you. This will attract outside buyers to buy your products, bringing you additional sales.


With the momentum that the Trusted Buyers Club creates, you will find a flow of new partnership opportunities and new customers, as well as be motivated to do business with our global community of entrepreneurs.

Spaces are limited. Apply today.

Who should join?

The Trusted Buyers Club is for our trusted partners and
VIP clients on Genius Group. Entry is by invitation and application.
The club is ideal for you if:


You have high-value products and a large community, and you’re looking for a trusted network to grow guaranteed revenues.


You’re looking for additional verification and recommendation of your products to reach a larger audience.


You want to spend time growing your business and opportunities within a trusted community of entrepreneurs.

Consider joining if your products and services fall
into one of the following categories:











Team Building


Product Development


Online Marketing


Deal Making


Property Investing

Cash Flow Management

Automation Systems



Spaces are limited. Apply today.

What you get when you join

Once you are approved to join The Trusted Buyers Club, we will
give you a everything you need to make your membership a success, including:

The GeniusU tech platform to manage your sales and purchases, including store, dashboard, payment platform, community and Genie Coins.


Guided onboarding and training to set up your company, profile and products


A TBC badge on your profile, company and products to stand out on GeniusU


Weekly training and support to ensure you are successful


Guaranteed sales and savings on a week by week basis


Access to the TBC inner circle and trusted community


Spaces are limited. Apply today.

The COVID-19 Response Fund

Your actions make a difference. When you join the Trusted Buyers Club, we will be making a contribution to the COVID-19 Response Fund.

The United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation have created the solidarity fund to support WHO and partners in a massive effort to help countries prevent, detect, and manage the novel coronavirus - particularly those where the needs are the greatest.

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